Hanukkah Helpers Project

Hanukkah Helpers 2018 Flyer

How it works

Each donor family is matched with an anonymous recipient family – with only minimal information about the family – and their task is to shop for their assigned family.  It is an opportunity to get the whole family involved in selecting items, decorating and writing kind messages.  For many recipient families, these gifts may be the only ones they receive this season.  Amount to spend and participation is up to each family.

Frequently  Asked Questions

  1. How do I join this wonderful program?Send an email to ottawahanukkahhelpers@gmail.com
  2. Is this a good family tzedakah project?
    This is a wonderful family project because it can be a tangible way for children to see that the holidays are not just about getting but also about giving. Many families have shared wonderful stories of shopping together as a family for the gifts or spending an afternoon filling their gifts bags together and making cards for the family that they were matched with.
  3. What should go into the package?

    The contents of this package are up to you and your family.  Here are just a few examples of some items included in the past:

    • Oil, latke mixes, dreidels, chocolate gelt and chanukkiah candles
    • Gift cards for groceries
    • Gifts for the kids
    • Entertainment gift cards
    • Cold weather accessories (gloves, mittens, scarves)
    • Handmade cards from kids
    • Throw blankets

    Every package is unique and incredibly appreciated by the receiver.


  4. Does the food need to be kosher?

    Yes, the food needs to be kosher.  All of the families that attend the Ottawa Kosher Food Bank keep kosher to a certain degree, and so by providing kosher items you can be more certain the family will be able to use it.
  5. Should we include a card?Cards are always much appreciated, especially those hand made by little hands!
  6. When do the gifts need to be returned by?Our goal is to get as many gifts or before Hanukkah therefore we ask that most gifts be back 2-3 weeks before Hanukkah. You will get a more specific tome frame once you have been matched with a family.
  7.  What should the price value of my gift be?There is no set suggested value, however if you would like to spend more than $180 we’d ask that you consider sponsoring two families instead.
  8. Do we get a tax receipt for the value of the items we purchase?
    No, unfortunately, we cannot provide tax receipts.
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